Top 3 supplements for preventing a Hangover.

My Top 3 Supplements/Foods to prevent/cure a hangover!

 Although there are many preventative methods to preventing a hangover, i.e. not mixing your alcohol, there are also supplements that you can take that can dramatically reduce your chances of getting a hangover the morning after a mild binge.  I am not  a heavy drinker by any means, however I do occasionally drink too much, especially in social situations, resulting in a hangover the next day making work/life in general flat out miserable. Sound familiar?  I don't know one person who doesn't occasionally share a similar story. Over the past five or so years I have searched far and wide over the internet and from old wise men trying the latest miracle treatment to stop a hangover- some have worked and some have not. The following supplements and foods are those that I have found to work for myself in keeping a hangover at bay. 

1. Coconut Water: One of the main reasons why a person gets a hangover is the sheer fact that alcohol dehydrates the body. With this being a rather well known reason for the root cause of a hangover,  I drink 14 ounces of coconut water before I go to bed after consuming any type of alcohol. Coconut water does an amazing job at re-hydrating the body while providing necessary lost electrolytes back into the body. I have had better results with coconut water at reducing a hangover versus just plain water. It undoubtedly helps replace some of the lost electrolytes that occur after a heavy bout of drinking.
 I also have found that by drinking coconut water before bed that I sleep better and don't wake up in the middle of the night with an unquenchable thirst. If I do wake up with a hangover, I simply drink a coconut water with my breakfast and it typically helps put me in better spirits by mid morning.
  Coconut water is also fairly cheap, being available at most online health stores, i.e.Vitacost for around $3.00 for 14-20 ounces. By using this iHerb Coupon, you will save $5 off your first order of Coconut water.  Coconut water is also available at most health food stores for relatively affordable price tags. My favorite Coconut water is by a company called ONE. Their Coconut water runs about $2 for 16 ounces and tastes fantastic.

2.   Vitamin B6:  Vitamin B6 helps regulate the the water content in the body,  helping keep the body hydrated while you sleep. Drinking alcohol can rid your body of these important vitamins.   I have found that taking a B vitamin complex right before I go to bed helps preventing a hangover. You don't have to go all-out by buying the most expensive brand of vitamin B6 complex on the market,  as any brand will do the job. How much should you use?  I like to take at least 250 mgs of vitamin B6 before bed (no more than 500 mg, though)  to help prevent a hangover. As you might expect, taking vitamin B6 in conjunction with coconut water provides synergistic effects.  For those who have an issue with sleeping after alcohol consumption, taking 3mg of melatonin that is coupled with vitamin B6 may be of help. 

3. NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine):  One of the main reasons for a hangover is the end products of ethanol (alcohol)  metabolism in the body.  NAC is the precursor to Glutathione, which helps remove built up acetylaldehyde from the body. I have found that when taking NAC with Vitamin B1 and Vitamin C, I get much better results. Said combination is probably the best thing I can do to help prevent a hangover, even over hydration.  My favorite product that contains NAC is a product by MRM called LIVER X. This product contains NAC along with Milk Thistle (helps reduce damage to the liver), Alpha Lipoic Acid (a mitochondrial antioxidant) and vitamin B12 and costs about $16 at online stores for 60 caps. If I take one capsule per drink I rarely will wake up with a hangover.   

-While there are no healthy ways to overindulge when it comes to drinking , the aforementioned supplements can at least help you cope if you happen to have a little too much to drink. Even if you have an occasional drink, many of these supplements may also be of some help. Make sure you check with your MD before supplementing with any of these products as they may interact with current medications.