What are some Echinacea Benefits?

What is Echinacea?  Echinacea is a flower that is commonly found in the Midwest and eastern parts of North America.  Echinacea was  first used as an immune booster, however over the years there has been other benefits.

Benefits of Echinacea:  

*While more evidence is needed for conclusive results, Echinacea is commonly used to boost the immune system. It it thought to do so by increasing the amount of T-cells that the body produces. This being the case, many individuals use the immune boosting power of echinacea as preventative maintenance during the cold and flu season.

* Echinacea is  increasingly being used in skin creams to help reverse the signs of aging and to help with skin conditions such as eczema. Though these skin creams have not worked in my own experience, many people achieve excellent results using skin care products containing this ingredient.

* Echinacea has been known to help those with all types of existing infections. It is especially popular among individuals that have bladder or urinary tract infections.

Side effects: 
While Echinacea is safe for most individuals,  there is always the chance that someone might have an allergic reaction.  This being said, it is best to talk with a MD before taking any supplement that may cause health issues. 

Where to get Echinacea & Cost?

Echinacea can be found at virtually every health store or online store. Echinacea is also used in many OTC cold and flu medications that can be found at  many grocery stores. The price for Echinacea varies from store to store. Online stores such as iHerb.com, for example, sell echinacea anywhere from $5-11 for a one-two month supply.  Furthermore, by using a iHerb coupon, you can get upwards of $5 off saving you even more.

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