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  For a limited time get $5 off all probiotic products at and products designed to help improve digestive health. With the influx of antibiotics on the market, it's no wonder you have heard of probiotics before and how they can help with digestive health. When a person takes antibiotics it not only destroys the bad bacteria causing the ailment that one is taking the antibiotic for in the first place, but it also plays havoc on the good bacterial flora that lines the gut. This so called "good bacteria" plays an instrumental role in digestion and helps keep the digestive tract in proper operating order.  Should you take probiotics? Well, this is something that only your physician/dietitian can determine, in most instances taking a good probiotic (especially if you are taking antibiotics) has a positive effect on health. Luckily for those looking for a good probiotic formula, there are now many reputable brands that carry a host of probiotic products., for example, carries hundreds of brands of probiotics to help with digestive health and with this coupon code, you can save at least $5 on your first purchase. It should be noted that all probiotic purchases that total $20 or more at iHerb get upgraded to free shipping within the Continental united states with additional discounts on international shipping.  To get this deal, simply click on the iHerb coupon icon on the top of this blog page, or enter QEX010 into the referral box at check-out. Additionally, all orders placed at are protected by Google's purchase protection!