Top 5 Products for Psoriasis & Seborrheic Dermatitis

Authors note: I have had bot psoriasis and seborrhea on my face, scalp, and chest since I was the age of 15. I have tried a multitude of products, and while some worked okay, others didn't work at all.  The following list in my top 5 products that can be purchased without a prescription to help with both psoriasis and seborrhea.

1. Natralia, Eczema & Psoriasis Cream: I absolutely love this cream. It isn't greasy and it helps moisturize my skin while also calming down my skin.  I also love the fact that is 100% cortisone free (which can thin the skin) and is also homeopathic.  If you have psoriasis or seborrhea this product is definitely worth a shot, especially given its low cost. 

2. Natralia, Eczema & Psoriasis Wash & Shampoo: Natralia's eczema and  psoriasis shampoo is perfect for those suffering from psoriasis that extends into the scalp. While normal shampoos and conditioners can be harsh on the scalp, this product helps calm the scalp and keep dry patches of skin from forming. If this product doesn't work sufficiently, there are products from your MD, i..e Ketoconazole at 2% that may help with the aforementioned condition. 

3. Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Bar: while this product isn't specifically formulated to help with psoriasis or seborrhea, it is a gentle soap that helps calm the skin without the drying effects of most soaps. It also smells great and doesn't leave any residue Aveeno 

4. Active Natural 1% Hydrocortizone: Although I don't typically recommend hydrocortizone creams,  sometimes topical steroids are necessary.In these cases I do like Aveeno's Hydrocortizone Cream at a 1% concentration as it is gentle and contains a host of excellent non-active ingredients to help the skin stay hydrated.

5. Eucerin, Original Healing Rich Creme, Fragrance Free:  Another great product that I like is Eucerin's original healing lotion. This lotion is fragrance free so it won't aggravate the skin while also containing ingredients that help nurture the skin to be as healthy as possible.  The low price of this product is a bonus. 

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