How to get the most out of your iHerb Order for 2020- Get with the times, it's the '20s.

Author's Note (updated for 2020):  I have been an avid shopper at iHerb since 2008. Why, you ask? Because I love iHerb's combination of excellent customer service coupled with great products, excellent prices, and shipping that is 99.9% of the time totally free; no matter where you live. As a frequent shopper I am constantly looking for the best deals and I have since become an absolutely pro and getting the most bang for the buck at :)  The following are my top five methods for getting the most out of your dollar while shopping

1. Always use a coupon code even Second Time Users No matter how many times you have been to iHerb, you can always use a coupon code. For example, code TEF508 will get you 12 percent off with every single order with no minimum spend or sales restrictions. It also gets you loyalty rewards at 10% for each order that can be used on future purchases. You should use this code with every order as there is no maximum about of times you can use it.

2.  Make your order at least $20 in product. Why? Because iHerb offers 100% free shipping with every order over $20. Why pay for shipping when just upping your purchase total with an additional product may get your over that 20-dollar threshold.  While iHerb offers very reasonable shipping rates for orders under $20, why not spend a tad more and get that free shipping?

3.  First time users, use 2 codes if need be:  If you are a first time customer at iHerb use any of the codes listed on this site. How to do this? Upon check-out use a selected code and click "apply."  This will insure that you get 10%-12% off your entire order. 

4. Look for sales: With each visit at iHerb, I always spend a bit of time on the home page to view all the current specials. In addition to the above savings, you can also save up to an additional 20% off (sometimes even more) on particular brands and product categories. Like you, I do have my favorite brands but I might be willing to try a different brand if I'm going to save a large amount of money.

5. Don't forget to use your iHerb loyalty credits!   It is super important to make sure that you use your loyalty credits. With every order iHerb provides 10% back in loyalty credits that can be used on subsequent orders. The only caviet is that there is a time limit to use these credits before they expire. With this being the case, it's important to use said credits before they expire. 

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  1. all codes say for first time customers only despite what this says

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