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What is iHerb.com?  iHerb is an online store where you can buy a variety of natural health products, ranging from natural and organic made groceries to natural herbal supplements, shampoos, conditioners, face creams and serums, anti-aging products, pet care/ pet foods, kitchen ware and spices, natural car care products, and so much more.  There are so many products at iHerb that it would be virtually impossible to list all the types of products that can be found at this online store. A visit to iHerb.com will give you an excellent idea on the entire line of products and name brands sold.

Brands:  iHerb carries all of the best and most reputable brands currently available. At iHerb.com you can find top brands such as NOW, MRM, SourceNaturalsDrs. BEST, Nature's Way, Life Extension, etc. When shopping at iHerb you can be confident that you are not going to buy some generic or sketchy brand that puts little to no stock in the quality of their products. I like iHerb because, no matter what I buy, I know I am getting a quality product at a great price.

Products: Many people might assume that iHerb carries only supplements or herbal products, however they'd be sadly mistaken. iHerb carries just about everything that you would find at your local health food store, save for refrigerated or frozen items, .i.e items like milk or ice cream.  iHerb carries most types of  foods, health supplements, spices, sun tanning products, anti-aging creams and serums, face washes, body washes, etc.  If you are tired of paying the high prices at your local health food store, iHerb offers the perfect solution. iHerb carries over 35,000 products as of 2016! With this being the case, if you are on the market for anything health related, you are likely to find something that suits your needs at iHerb.com at a discounted rate. 

Customer Service: One thing that bugs me about shopping online is the oftentimes terrible customer service at some online stores.  iHerb, thankfully, has excellent customer service, if not the best in the business!  iHerb certainly has the best customer care team that I have personally experienced from any online company or any company for that matter.  You can reach iHerb's customer service via the live help link and instantly be connected with a live (real person) representative. You can also contact iHerb via phone or by using regular old e-mail. In any case, you can always rest assured that someone is available to talk to you about a product, your order, or whatever the issue may be. iHerb.com was named #1 online supplement store by Consumer Lab for 2008, 2009, 2010,  2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015  and 2016!  iHerb also has been recently awarded Google Purchase Protection, so any unlikely issues that you may have will be dealt with in a professional manner, i.e. in the unlikely event that your order doesn't arrive to your home. 

Shipping time: iHerb offers some of the fastest shipping that I have ever experienced from an online store.  After I place an order, iHerb usually has it shipped that same day! I have never had to wait more than three to four business days to receive my order, even during the holiday's! Those on the East Coast may have to wait up to 5 business days (iHerb is located in California USA) but that is much quicker than any other online store that I have dealt with. iHerb also has some really good shipping prices. If you spend over $20 you  get totally free FedEX/USPS ground shipping and if you spend over $40 you get totally free UPS Expedited shipping that takes approx 1-3 days! And if you spend over $80 you get free 1-day UPS shipping (depending on  the month's special offer)!   Right there saves you so much money over the competing online health stores, which can charge up to $5.99 per order (or more) for shipping. When used in conjunction with an iHerbCoupon  or VIP discounts, you further your savings.  It should be noted that iHerb ships to virtually every county in the world such as Saudi Arabia, France, Canada, Peru,Russa, Honk Kong, Singapore, and so many more! And, even though it will oftentimes cost the international customer a hefty fee to get products from the USA, this is not the case with iHerb, where international shipping can range from $8.99 to 100% free, (depending on the amount spent).  

Amazing return policy:  I absolutely love iHerb's return policy!  If you are not happy with a product, you can simply contact iHerb via their live help link or call them via their phone number and they will make it right with you. In the countless orders that I have placed via iHerb,  I have only had a couple of problems with the products that have arrived, i.e. a skin care product didn't work well with my skin. iHerb's customer care team was so very helpful in getting my money refunded and I didn't even have to send back the product. I wish more companies offered such generous return policies that allow you to shop online without having to worry about dedicating a bunch of time dealing with hassle in an incidence where an order accidentally goes haywire. As mentioned previously, iHerb.com is currently a Google Trusted Store, so each order is backed by Google's own excellent purchase protection program.

iHerb Coupons:  Finally, when you use an iHerb coupon you get an additional $5 off your first order and 10% back in loyalty rewards to use for future purchases You will continue to get 10% back in loyalty rewards with every purchase!. It's always important to visit iHerb, because they are almost always offering further discounts of up to 30% off condition specific products or particular brands of the week.

How to use a iHerb coupon/referral code: At check-out enter the code into the referral box as shown, then click update. It's that easy.    

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Overall: iHerb is an excellent online heath store with loads of benefits that you just can't find at competing stores. iHerb offers high quality and  fresh products, excellent customer service, an excellent rewards program, and awesome return policy, and prices that simply can not be beat. I highly suggest shopping at iHerb's online store for all your nutritional needs, whether it be for your daily food, car care products, and of course your nutritional supplements.

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