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My Top 5 Favorite Natural Oils to Cook With!

Authors Note:  I have my B.S. degree in kinesiology with a emphasis in exercise science and health promotion. The following are the best oils that I have found to cook with based on the current literature and my own personal experience. 

The best cooking oils for healthy eating is often misunderstood. We might intuitively think that vegetable oils, extra virgin olive oils, etc. are the best for  healthy cooking, but this is oftentimes not the case, especially when it comes to high-heat cooking. Although many vegetable oils might seem like the right choice, under high heat the molecular characteristics of these oils change, turning an otherwise healthy form of unsaturated fats. omega-3 fatty acids, etc  into a very unhealthy and even carcinogenic ingredient. 

3.  Ghee Clarified Butter:  This is such a great product to cook with. Not only is it yummy, but it's smoke point is fairly impressive (over 400 degrees Fahrenheit), meaning when you are cooking your favorite veggies, you aren't going to be adding any unnecessary carcinogens to your food. When it comes to brands, I particularly like Organic Valley Purity Farms. This is sold at many health food stores and many online stores such as iHerb.com.

2.  Coconut oil: While Coconut oil doesn't have the high smoke point (only about 350 degrees Fahrenheit) out of the oils in this bunch, it is super tasty. I typically reserve coconut oil for times when I am baking and I can control the heat to a level under 350 degrees.  For example, for all of my Christmas cooking I use coconut oil they, turn out yummy. Because of coconut oil's relatively low smoke point, however, I do not recommend this oil for frying foods like chicken, dumplings, etc. where high heat is needed.  One of my favorite Coconut oil brands is Jarrow Formulas non-extra virgin olive oil

3.  Refined Olive Oil: The more virgin you go with olive oil the less stability it has under high levels of heat. With that being the case, I always go with just a refined olive oil. Refined olive oil has a smoke point of around 440 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can be used to fry virtually anything in without its molecular structure changing. Plus, it's still super yummy and consists of mostly very healthy polyunsaturated fats. Unfortunately it's becoming harder and harder to find non-virgin olive oil. If all you can find on the market is extra virgin olive oil, I highly suggest using it for cooking situations where you won't be cooking over 350 degrees.  

4. Peanut Oil:  Peanut oil isn't just yummy, it's has a super high smoke point (approx. 450 degrees Fahrenheit) making this oil suitable for frying just about anything. It's also relatively inexpensive, being about $9 bucks for a 16 oz. bottle and filled with healthy omega-6 fatty acids.

5.  Safflower Oil: This is by far my favorite oil for cooking at high heat. It is so incredibly stable, being able to avoid molecular change up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit!  Additionally it's super yummy and filled with omega-6 fatty acids. The price is typically a bit cheaper than peanut oil being about $7 for a 16 oz bottle but well worth the price.

-Happy Cooking!

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The Top 5 Best Coffee Blends @ iHerb

The top 5 best Coffee Blends: 

1. Organic Coffee Co., Organic Zen Blend: I absolutely love this coffee. It's a robust coffee that provides excellent get-up and go in the morning and a great taste that can't be beat for the price.  At only $10 for a 12 oz. ground pack this is one of the best coffees on the market.

2. Madre Labs, CafeCeps, Energizing Instant Organic Coffee Beverage, 3.52 oz (100 g): Although I typically don't like instant coffee, Madre Labs CafeCeps in both tasty and healthy, containing beneficial  mushroom ingredients to help jump start your day. . The price is also very reasonable at only $11.99 for a 3.5 oz. package.  

3. Mount Hagen, Organic Fairtrade, Decaffeinated Instant Coffee, 25 Sticks, 1.76 oz (50 g): My list wouldn't be complete with at least one decaf blend that is also yummy. This  instant coffee tastes just like any non-instant caffeinated coffee and is relatively inexpensive at only $6.11 for 25 servings.      

4. Mt. Whitney Coffee Roasters, Organic Peru Decaf, Whole Bean, 12 oz (340 g): This is one of my favorite coffee blends, offering  a robust taste, with unique flavors that are some of the finest in the world. This coffee is a bit more than some at a price of around $11.00 for 12.oz, but it well worth the cost for the dedicated coffee drinker.   

5. Kicking Horse Whole Bean Coffee, Dark, 12.3 oz (350 g):  By far my favorite coffee blend. This blend provides a robust flavor and the wake-me-up effect that can't be beat. Although you will have to grind this coffee yourself,  the flavor reward is 100% worth it. The cost is also worth noting. Although it's about $14.00 for 12oz., there is no coffee on the market that can compete with this: both in flavor and  robustness. 

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Top 5 Products for Psoriasis & Seborrheic Dermatitis

Authors note: I have had bot psoriasis and seborrhea on my face, scalp, and chest since I was the age of 15. I have tried a multitude of products, and while some worked okay, others didn't work at all.  The following list in my top 5 products that can be purchased without a prescription to help with both psoriasis and seborrhea.

1. Natralia, Eczema & Psoriasis Cream: I absolutely love this cream. It isn't greasy and it helps moisturize my skin while also calming down my skin.  I also love the fact that is 100% cortisone free (which can thin the skin) and is also homeopathic.  If you have psoriasis or seborrhea this product is definitely worth a shot, especially given its low cost. 

2. Natralia, Eczema & Psoriasis Wash & Shampoo: Natralia's eczema and  psoriasis shampoo is perfect for those suffering from psoriasis that extends into the scalp. While normal shampoos and conditioners can be harsh on the scalp, this product helps calm the scalp and keep dry patches of skin from forming. If this product doesn't work sufficiently, there are products from your MD, i..e Ketoconazole at 2% that may help with the aforementioned condition. 

3. Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Bar: while this product isn't specifically formulated to help with psoriasis or seborrhea, it is a gentle soap that helps calm the skin without the drying effects of most soaps. It also smells great and doesn't leave any residue Aveeno 

4. Active Natural 1% Hydrocortizone: Although I don't typically recommend hydrocortizone creams,  sometimes topical steroids are necessary.In these cases I do like Aveeno's Hydrocortizone Cream at a 1% concentration as it is gentle and contains a host of excellent non-active ingredients to help the skin stay hydrated.

5. Eucerin, Original Healing Rich Creme, Fragrance Free:  Another great product that I like is Eucerin's original healing lotion. This lotion is fragrance free so it won't aggravate the skin while also containing ingredients that help nurture the skin to be as healthy as possible.  The low price of this product is a bonus. 

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Best Supplements For Osteoarthritis

Author’s note:  Osteoarthritis can be a downright pain in the knee, of wherever else in the body you may have it.  At the age of 38 I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of my left knee and have tried a multitude of products designed to help with this condition, along with experimental  treatments, knee braces, and exercises. The following are some (my top 5) favorite products that helped me with this condition.

Jarrow Formulas, Joint Builder:   If you are on a tight budget this is one of the better formulations on the market. Jarrow Formulas, Joint Builder contains a high quantity of clinically proven ingredients such as Glucosamine sulfate, Vitamin D, MSM, and vitamin C to help encourage systematic absorption of said ingredients.   This is by far one of my favorite budget friendly products on the market to help build the connective tissues of the body and thus helping alleviate some of the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis. Cost? About 15 dollars per month.

Life Extension , Fast Acting Joint Formula:   Although this formula is a bit more expensive than the aforementioned brand/formula, it contains an excellent joint formulation and an ingredient called “Decursisnol-50” that is said to inhibit inflammation.  Plus, it contains stabilized keratin which shows huge promise in helping heal damaged joints.

Amish Origins: Although this product doesn’t promise to help heal joints, its application onto the affected joint area helps soothe pain and discomfort.  It is also super inexpensive costing about $8 for an entire 2-month supply.

Nature Made, Triple Flex 50, Triple Strength: Although this product costs more than the above formulations it is one of my favorites.  It contains calcium and vitamin D, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin.  Although this  products is geared for those over the age of 50, I have found it to be extremely helpful in elevating my joint pain.

Jarrow Formulas Bone-Up:  Jarrow Formulas is on a roll! This product by the Jarrow Formulas company is perhaps my favorite of the bunch.  Not only does this formulation contain the essential ingredients for joint health, but it also contains MK-7 which promotes  absorption of  ingredients into the bone/joint and boron, which has recently shown promising results in restoring connective tissues, such as cartilage.

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What are the 5 Best Supplements for Potential Longevity?

My Top 5 Best Supplements For General Health & Longevity:

5. Resveratrol. Why?  I simply like what resveratrol does for me.  I take between 1,000 -2,000 mg of trans resveratrol (I make sure that it's trans resveratrol and not some cheaper less pure variety) with my morning coffee which gives me a boost of energy. I have been taking resveratrol for approximately 10 years now and have definitely noticed that it has had a positive effect on the aging process.  I am 44 years old, but feel that I look much younger. I also feel healthy for my age, and despite my somewhat caloric diet, I am able to maintain my body weight. What is the best resveratrol supplement?  I like to use any on the market that uses only the Trans isomer of the resveratrol molecule. Looking for a good deal on resveratrol? If you are a first time customer at iHerb (an online health store) you can get $5 off by using this iHerb coupon.

4. Omega 3s:    It's not exactly breaking news that Omega 3s are good for your health. Sadly the American diet doesn't contain nearly enough Omega 3s. I personally notice that when I use a high grade of an Omega-3 supplement (one that contains at least  400 mg EPA and 200 mg DHA per capsule) my hair and skin feel so much better. I have done countless trials with supplementing and not supplementing with Omega 3s and each time I go off I suffer ill effects, i.e. dry skin and brittle hair.  What is the best Omega 3 supplement? I like the Natural Factors Brand, which offers a fairly high Omega-3 ratio per fish oil cap. The price of this product may be a little high compared to others; however I believe the price fare considering the high quality of this product.

3.  PQQ: Keeping our mitochondria in tip top shame is essential for overall health. Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell where the Krebs cycle and the electron transport chain are located. If you remember from biology class, this is the place that generates ATP for cellular energy.  It has been shown that those who are in their 70's have as little as 5% functional mitochondria. That is a reduction by 95%. A relatively new supplement known as PQQ has been shown to promote mitochondriogenesis. This is huge news for those who are in their older years, or for those who want to maintain their mitochondrial health throughout the lifespan. What's the best PQQ? I use Life Extension, however this only due to the limited availability of the product. As time goes on, PQQ is likely to become more widely available.

2. VitaminD   Vitamin D is especially important for those who live in an area where there is not a lot of natural sunshine.  Vitamin D deficiency is linked to a host of illnesses,  such as  high blood pressure, osteoporosis, weak teeth, and even death. While some adults may be Vitamin D sufficient, the majority of adults are not. It makes since, then, that we supplement with Vitamin D.  What is the best vitamin D supplement? I use any Vitamin D-3 soft gel and regulate my intake from 5000 IUs in winter to 2,000 in summer. This is a personalized doe that I have made based on my MDs advice. Before supplementing with vitamin D it may be a good idea to talk with a health professional. 

1.  A good multivitamin:  Finally, one of the most important ways to keep healthy is taking a good multivitamin. The American diet generally doesn't contain all the nutrients that one needs to stay healthy. Our foods are overcooked, over processed, etc. With that being said, we "generally" need to make up for said underpinnings in our diets with a good multivitamin.  I use Alive by Nature's way. I like the whole "whole foods" idea and love that you have the option of taking 2 or 3 pills or up to 6. I like this because I don't need a lot of what is in a full dose multivitamin, so being able to fine-tune my dose is perfect for my particular lifestyle.     

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Best Vitamins and Supplements for Treating Hair Loss.

 Best Vitamins, Rx products, and Supplements for treating hair loss.

Authors note:  At the age of 12 (yes, the age of 12) I began to develop a receding hair line. While I passed off my receding hair line as "part of becoming a man," when I was around 17 years old, my hair loss became so extreme that I finally decided to go see a medical professional (a dermatologist). Though I was hoping that my dermatologist would give me good news, such as your hair loss is due to a deficiency in X vitamin this wasn't the case.  He proclaimed that I was suffering from premature male pattern hair loss. This certainly was not good news, because in the 1990s there was virtually nothing on the market to treat hair loss that wasn't a Rx drug. After trying virtually every product on the market, Rx and over the counter (OTC), I have found many products that actually work and just as many to do absolutely nothing at all in my fight against hair loss. The following is a list of vitamins, supplements, and Rx products that I have found to help halt the rate of hair loss and to improve the overall quality of my hair. 

1. Minoxidil.  Minoxidil has been one of the best products on the market to slow or stop hair loss in my experience.  While nobody knows how or why minoxidil stops hair loss or why it can even grow hair, I have experienced great results with this substance.  Although many products containing Minoxidil tend to dry my scalp, it has undoubtedly helped grow hair on my scalp and prevent further hair loss: both in the back of my head and  even in the front.  While Minoxidil was only offered in 2% concentrations back in the '90s, it is now offered in 5% concentrations for men at most stores, i.e. Target, and an even higher concentration can be purchased online. So what concentration works best? I have found that 5% Minoxidil works amazing for preventing hair loss and even growing hair. I have also found that virtually no specific name brand works better than the other. There is one exception, however. Some companies offer Minoxidil in a "foam" dispenser, and in that case I have found those products to be inferior to the liquid formulations.  Should you use Minoxidil?  There are some known side effects, i.e. dry scalp, but I have to say that the trade off of increased hair density is worth it. If you have any questions regarding this ingredient, most dermatologists have the education to give you great advice. Cost? While Minoxidil was once $50 for just a 1-month supply, a 5% concentration can currently be had for about $16 for a full 3 month supply, possibly even less at places like Costco.

2. Copper peptides:  Although products containing copper peptides haven't been proven to increase hair count or even hair density, I have had excellent results with these products.  The use of copper peptides on the scalp tends to ease dryness and improve the quality of the scalp, thus resulting in a healthier environment for hair growth. If you are planning on using Minoxidil to fight hair loss, it might be a good idea to also combine that product with a quality brand of copper peptides to help keep the scalp from drying out/ keep your scalp healthy. Cost?  A high quality product containing copper peptides is still quite expensive, ranging from $30-$50 for a 3-month supply. However, products containing this peptide (in my experience) is well worth the cost. 

3. Biotin: Biotin (pronounced bio-tin) is a form of vitamin B, found in small amounts in many foods.  While Biotin in and of itself doesn't grow hair, it does play a crucial role in hair health.    In my own experience, I have found that taking 2-3 mgs of oral biotin/ per day helps improve the overall quality of my hair. For example, I have found that taking the aforementioned amount of biotin every day helps my hair be more manageable and even "softer." What is the cost? Luckily, biotin is very inexpensive. Many products on the market that contain a good dose of biotin can be had for less than $10 for a 3-month supply. I especially like this product as it not only contains biotin, but also contains a number of other vitamins that are crucial for a healthy head of hair and scalp.  I also like this product by Jason, which contains a topical formulation to help keep your hair and scalp in good condition.

4. Biosil: One of the most underrated products on the market for helping hair issues is a product called Biosil.  I have used Biosil since 2005 and have found it to be one of the better products on the market for maintaining a healthy head of hair. Not only does Biosil have the potential to thicken and maintain a healthy head of hair/scalp, but it has also been shown in some studies to help nail growth, help strengthen bones, and even help reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face. The only potential downfall I see with taking Biosil is the price. Though I feel the price is well worth it, a 2-month supply will set you back approximately $50. 

5. Finasteride:  Finasteride  (commonly known as Propecia) is a Rx only product that is available for men only. Finasteride is a DHT blocker that has been available to the public since the mid-90s. While there are a few possible side effects from taking Finasteride that you should speak with your dermatologist about, I have found this substance to be one of the best on the market for preventing hair loss and even growing hair. Because Finasteride is a DHT blocker, it keeps DHT from attacking follicles on the head that are sensitive to DHT (dihydro testosterone).  I have found this to be a brilliant product that is definitely worth talking to your doctor about. What is the cost? About $50 for a 1 month supply. 

Thanks for reading!