Best Supplements For Bodybuilding


                    Top 5 Best Supplements for Body Building!

I have been a body builder for the past 10 years and have tried almost every product on the market to increase muscle mass. Though many supplements claim to generate extreme gains, I have found most to be pure junk. This isn't to say that all bodybuilding supplements don't work. On the contrary, I have found many supplements that do an excellent job helping my body with recovery time and even helping with muscle mass.  The following are the top 5 supplements that have worked for me in combination with a resistance training program.  

1. Creatine: Although some dietitians have told me that this stuff will do nothing for muscle mass, I have found creatine to be one of the better supplements on the market for building muscle.  While creatine (alone) will do nothing for muscle mass, in combination with a hard work, i.e. using free weights, creatine can be a useful tool for getting the most out of your workout. Creatine works by replenishing the body with the naturally occurring compound called creatine phosphate, which your muscles need if they are going to keep contracting with continuous intensity. What is the price of creatine? Although creatine is a bit expensive,  it shouldn't break the bank. Creatine is generally cheaper if you buy it in the bulk powder, which  runs about $25 for 2  pounds or more. You can use this iHerb Coupon to get $5 off any creatine product at iherb if you are a first time customer and your order totals more than 40 dollars. Since I take about 5000 mg of creatine a day, one 2.2 pound bottle will last me quite awhile.

2. Glutamine:  Glutamine is one of the most important natural amino acids in the body  for muscle repair.   For many people,  heavy training can deplete the availability of glutamine and thus muscle can not repair as quickly as it otherwise would.  With this beign the case, it makes sense to supplement with  glutamine, which can help muscle recovery time and thus get you back in the gym sooner. Glutamine is rather expensive and like Creatine, is cheaper if you buy it in the powder form versus pill form.  Glutamine can be purchased at most online stores, i.e. for about  $40 for around 2 lbs of powder. I use Now Foods, L-Glutamine Powder, which runs just north of $40 at most online stores.

3. Whey Protein: You can eat a perfectly healthy diet, however many people don't take enough protein to support muscle gains. Having been working out for well over 10 years, I can safely say that supplementing with a good whey protein is one of the best things you can do to compliment your workout routine. Whey protein comes from milk, so it is very bio available. There are also soy protein drinks out there, however they are controversial, especially for men.  With Whey being a proven protein with far less controversy I recommend Whey over Soy. Why is protein so important? It is important for every cell in the body, and is especially important for muscle growth. Whey protein is also fairly cheap and many formulations out there come with the addition of a good amino acid profile. I have found that the best whey protein for the money is Twinlab in the 5 lb. canister, which runs about $45. This canister lasts me about 2 months, so it's a relative bargain!

4.Vanadyl: Vanadyl has the ability to create better insulin resistance and improve carbohydrate utilization efficiency, which is theorized to increase nitrogen retention. While there is no heavy proof supporting Vanadyl's efficacy for msucle gains, I have had excellent results with it. Vanadyl is also fairly cheap, being about $7 for a month's supply so it's at least worth a try.

5. Tribulus: Tribulus  is a herb that has been used in both China and India for hundreds of years to treat a number of problems, i.e.erectile dysfunction. Although Tribulus has gotten a lot of flack lately for not living up to its claims, I have had pretty good results supplementing with it. Namely, Tribulus seems to give me more energy, allowing me to workout longer. Tribulus has also become quite cheap (about $9 for a 2-month supply), so I have no problem adding this supplement to my workout regimen. 

Remember, no supplement alone can help build muscle without putting in the work. In order to gain muscle one must workout regularly and with adequate intensity, there is imply no way around this. If you need help starting a program, hiring a personal trainer for a few workout sessions is a great idea and can help you get a good idea on how to workout without causing injury.   

Thanks for reading!