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1. Are some iHerb Coupons worth more than others, say 6, 10, or 15 dollars?  No, however by shopping at iHerb you can save much more than your initial first-time customer coupon that you use.  Our web site offers many additional tips that can help you save even more at iHerb.com.  For example, by becoming a frequent customer by continued shopping,  you can save hundreds of dollars via additional discounts, i.e.  a 10% credit back with each purchase that can be used on subsequent purchases with iHerb's new loyalty rewards program. 

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3. Does iHerb ship outside the United States? Yes! iHerb ships orders to virtually every country in the world (with very few exceptions). To see if iHerb ships to your country, you can visit their international shipping page. Plus, iHerb offers extreme discounts for those who reside outside of the US, e.g. reduced cost international shipping or completely free shipping in certain circumstances.  If you live outside the United States there is no reason to worry that you will be charged a ridiculous shipping free as many other online stores charge. iHerb has got you covered. 

4.  How Do I get a Free Sample? iHerb typically includes a free sample with every order. Occasionally, iHerb will offer promotions or specials where you can receive free items or items at a reduced cost, i.e. 20%-30% off condition-specific products of the week. 

5. Is iHerb Green?  Yes. iHerb is dedicated to helping keep the environmental cost of doing business to a minimum.

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