What is the iHerb Rewards program? 
iherb rewards coupon

   The iHerb Rewards program is a very good way to make money and/or get future discounts on products that you are already buying at iHerb. Many people who participate in iHerb's reward program get their orders totally free or at a reduced cost and many have made very good money thanks to this no fee rewards program. For a complete "how-to" on how to take advantage of  iHerb's rewards program, you can find more info by visiting 

When you sign up to iHerb and complete your first order, you will be given an unique  iHerb coupon code or what is more commonly referred to as a "referral code."  With this code you can earn $5 commission + 5 %  on any order placed by those who use your unique code for a full year and a continuing 5% commission on orders placed after this time period.  So, for example, if someone uses your iHerb coupon code and they spend $100, you would earn $5 + 5% commission (for a total of $10) on that order and 5% commission on their orders placed thereafter forever! While this may not seem like a significant amount, with an accumulation of first generation referrals you can earn hundreds if not thousands of dollars in rewards credits, making your future orders at iHerb absolutely free.

 Or, if you'd prefer to receive cash payouts, you can simply wait to accumulate a minimum of $300 of commission and receive a wire transfer into your bank account or you can opt to choose to receive a check in the mail.  iHerb has recently started a new locality rewards program where you will get 10% back on every order, which can be used for all future orders. Let's provide an example of the new loyalty rewards program. You spend $100 on your iHerb order, so you get $10 back in loyalty rewards, thus giving you a $10 discount on your next order (you will see this amount credited to your amount after you place your order). There is no limit to the amount of loyalty rewards that you can get, so the more you buy the more you save (sounds cliche' but in this case that is exactly what you will get). As you can see, shopping at iHerb can be very lucrative.

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